What is the You Are Here Toledo Project?

Many of us are quite familiar with the red circle and “You Are Here” dot affixed to many directories throughout America. These dots are wonderful assurances that we are, in fact, somewhere. Funded by the City of Toledo’s One Percent for Art Program, and proudly presented by AIGA Toledo + The Arts Commission, the You Are Here Toledo Project (YAH) is a series of large one-of-a-kind outdoor “dots” affixed to various public sidewalks throughout Toledo to promote positivity and enhance our sense of place. Using the circular shape of a dot (at three feet in diameter); Northwest Ohio artists, designers, and students were asked to make a powerful visual statement in response to their assigned dot’s location. One hundred (100) dots mark the city, each containing a QR (quick response) code that allows smartphone users to learn more about the artwork, its location and its artist. For non-smartphone users each dot  has the project’s URL for searching the work at their convenience. This project is unique to Toledo and will showcase the amazing artistic talent and places of this region.

Want to view the participants? Click here for details :: YAH Dot Artists!

Digitally collecting the You Are Here Toledo Project?

Collect and find all 100 dots! Download the You Are Here Toledo mobile app (iTunes or Google Play) and scan the QR code to unlock more information about each dot’s location and artist or find other dots to check out in the city. The first 100 people to digitally collect 25 dots through the moblie app will receive a special edition screenprinted poster created by Madhouse.

Download the app from the iTunes App Store or from Google Play.

    0 posters remaining

    Congratulations to the following winners!

    1. Sten Neuber
    2. Jimmy Momenee
    3. Heather Engle
    4. Paige S
    5. Lexie Beamer
    6. Tonya Picciuto
    7. Zachary Kraner
    8. Ben Morales
    9. Ryan Bunch
    10. Tim Walsh
    11. Jacob Szypka
    12. Amy Poland
    13. Alicia Budzinski
    14. Gina Scherzer
    15. Faith Sprouse
    16. Adam Mahler
    17. Doug Shelton
    18. David Padgett
    19. Natalie Ann Rivera
    20. Jordan Justice
    21. Holly Whitney
    22. Sheri drain
    23. Crystal Gale Phelps
    24. Ryan Forquer
    25. Paul Molnar
    26. max reddish
    27. Kate Giammarise
    28. Mr Mcgert
    29. Abby piotrowski
    30. Greg Miller
    31. Matt Rowland
    32. Travis Cready
    33. sherry roush
    34. Michael
    1. Emily Simon
    2. Kaylene Miller
    3. Zach Zollars
    4. Sara Blease
    5. Sonya Ives
    6. Scott Light
    7. Dan Hernandez
    8. Michael McCarthy
    9. Phillip Kaplan
    10. Jessica Vogelbacher
    11. Brian Gradomski
    12. Dennis A. Norman II
    13. Marisa Mann
    14. Rosa Mazzei
    15. Anna Crissman
    16. Dave DeSloover
    17. Tony Kreamer
    18. Adam Wisniewski
    19. Sam Melden
    20. Jeffrey Lavalette
    21. Ashley Lavalette
    22. Ashley Crapsey
    23. Karen Murphy
    24. Samuel Harden
    25. Cam Norton
    26. Stef Knopf
    27. Patrick Bowman
    28. Amy Willhite
    29. Jody Branham
    30. josh sponsler
    31. Heather Allred
    32. James A. Molnar
    33. Victoria Carhart
    34. Richard Carhart
    1. Sarah Ottney
    2. Adam Hansen
    3. Jessica Ostrander
    4. Tommy Gallagher
    5. David Moore
    6. maureen rader
    7. Dylan Khale
    8. Benjamin E. Rumpf
    9. TheGlassPhoenix
    10. Diana Schnuth
    11. Ann Weaver
    12. Anthony Weaver
    13. Sara Gibson
    14. Raina Feathers
    15. Rachelle Raymer-Gilbert
    16. David Picciuto
    17. william long
    18. haleigh obrien
    19. andrea rader
    20. ashley Armstrong
    21. Carole Rader
    22. Brent Tabarez
    23. Scott C. Peck
    24. Jake & Abby Stucker
    25. Jessica Lashley
    26. Joshua Kulpa
    27. Sarah Skow
    28. Test
    29. Test
    30. Joseph Walsh
    31. JP Lagger
    32. Jesse Heider

    Search and download the You Are Here Toledo mobile app on iTunes or Google Play and start collecting the dots today!