Ashland Ave. Baptist Church by Rachelle Raymer-Gilbert

My inspiration for this artwork stems from the fascinating story of the organ that was custom made for this site. I wish to honor the history of the past music played this magnificent building along with the music currently played here.

Ashland Avenue Baptist Church commissioned the esteemed John Brombaugh to design an organ, the Opus 9, specifically for this sanctuary, inspired by the sanctuary’s intricate woodwork and stained glass windows. People from all over the world made special trips here to see and play upon this organ. The organ was positioned above the baptismal. When the congregation of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church moved to a new location, they sold the organ. The Opus 9 is currently in Rochester, New York, awaiting its move to its future home, the Sonoma State University Center for Performing Arts in California.

Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church now worships here and members of their congregation hear only stories of the famous Opus 9. Music continues to fill the interior of this church, which is symbolized by one of the current members holding the tambourine encircling the place where the organ once stood.

If you look closely, you can see ethereal shapes of the organ pipes and woodwork detailing of the Opus 9 overlaying the interior of church.

Ashland Avenue Baptist Church (formerly)
Currently :: Ebenezer Missionary Baptist

Designed for the Ashland Avenue Baptist Church by D.L. Stine, the same architect that designed the Lucas County Courthouse, the Romanesque style church was built in 1892 and features a 1,000 seat sanctuary. In 2006, faced with a dwindling congregation The building was sold to the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church.

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National Register of Historic Places

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