Levis Square by Erin Kosier

Levis square is a tiny square surrounded by buildings. It is full of greenery, flowing water and music. The square hibernates during the winter and burst to life in the summer. It provides a concert series for workers at lunchtime, as well as a pleasant place to sit.

The dot shows Levis Square at its prime in the midst of summer. It represents energy and it gives through the music, plants and fountains. The illustration shows Levis Square bursting through the buildings of downtown Toledo. The dot consists of a fairly vibrant color palette. The color palette was chosen to ensure the dot contrasted well with the sidewalk. The color palette was also chosen to help uplift the local business workers during their lunch hour. The goal was for it to get notice as much as the activity in Levis Square.

Levis Square

Levis Square was a downtown beautification project built in the late 1960s as part of the Riverview project.  The square is bounded by the Fiberglas Tower (former headquarters of Owens Corning) and the Toledo Edison building.  It was meant to serve as a traditional public square. (provided by Barbara Floyd at UT Libraries)

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