San Marcos Taqueria & Grocery by Arturo Rodriguez

“Toledo Ohio Tiene Sabor Latino” = Toledo Ohio Has Latin Flavor

I can remember my first time entering San Marcos Taqueria and Grocery. Back then, it was more of a grocery store than a restaurant. The stocked shelves of Latin food and spices, that until then, I was having trouble finding in the area, instantly blew me away. I also was again delighted to find that in the store there was a wonderful aroma of amazing food being cooked in the store behind a lunch counter, and I have been a regular customer ever since. San Marcos has grown in size since that time, and the lunch counter has been replaced by a large restaurant adjacent to the grocery store. The food is still amazing and the restaurant is still gaining customers from all walks of life. For me, one of the reasons for the success of San Marcos Taqueria is that they prepare food in a manner that I find much more authentic than any other “Mexican” restaurant in the area.

As Hispanics we share a common language brought to the Americas by the Spanish. We share the way that our food is prepared also due to Spanish influence, whether one is of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Guatemalan, Colombian or Argentinean descent. This is another bond regardless, even if the traditions and the people differ quite a bit from country to country. As a Cuban immigrant I find some level of comfort being able to find to food and spices that give me a taste of my own cultural heritage.

Toledo has a rich history of many generations of Mexican American families along with other Latinos living in the area that have, and will continue to contribute much to Toledo and Lucas County along with new arrivals. This work is also a celebration of these accomplishments.


San Marcos Taquería
& Grocery


San Marcos Mexican Grocery Store offers a wide variety of Mexican culinary products. We have combined butcher shop, a grocery store, and a bakery under one roof and we are dedicated to providing you with nothing but authentic Mexican cuisine. Drop by today and stock up on great ingredients and products.

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