Fitness & Active Leisure Courses

Our Fitness & Active Leisure Courses

By enrolling into our fitness and active leisure course you are allowing us to contribute in the betterment of your fitness training routine and health overall. We offer you a variety of fitness training courses which can lead you to a path that is more successful without any doubts. The golden words, ‘health is wealth’ can never be ignored and on the same note let us explore the fitness courses options that we provide you.

  • Metabolic Conditioning Courses

    Looking to learn core exercises and strength management exercises? Benefit from our metabolic conditioning course in order to increase your metabolism and workout like a boss.

  • Studio Cycling Workshop

    Studio Cycling workshop course is our best course for a bike lover. No problem if you can’t take your bike out every day for a workout. We will teach you how to stay healthy with various cycling based exercises.

  • Personal Trainer Instructor Course

    The fitness trend is taking over the world, which is good news in all aspects. Benefit from this and learn basic, intermediate and advanced skills to become a personal trainer with our personal fitness trainer course.

  • Exercise to Music Instructor

    The best way of losing weight and staying in shape is to let your body move to the music. Have a fun and amazing experience by enrolling into our exercise to music instructor course.

  • Level 3 Personal Training Diploma

    If you already are a personal trainer, let us enhance your personal trainer skills by teaching you various techniques to look for clientele and enhancing your proficiency so the previous clients hire you again.

  • Gym Based Boxing Workshop

    We have combined sports and fitness together once again. Join our gym based boxing workshop to acquire multiple skills at the same time.

  • Become a character of success

    Reach your Potential

    We feel exceptionally happy to offer you our professional fitness courses with which you can concentrate on your lifestyle and the lifestyle of millions of other people. The inspiration that drives us towards you should be the same inspiration that drives you towards us. Start off on the right foot by joining forces with us and letting us build a stronger and healthier foundation for your life ahead. We will always be at your back through our extensive personal fitness trainer courses and allow you to encourage a healthier lifestyle among your clients and give them a more decent approach towards fitness training.

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Job Opportunities

Career prospects after your training

Social media is full of posts based on health and fitness. Out of every 5 posts at least 2 have something to do with your fitness training routine. This depicts the increase of health oriented lifestyle in teenagers and actually people of all ages. Especially as the hospitals have groomed themselves, they need fitness trainers for their recovering patients and so do the doctors themselves in order to stay in shape. The scope of being a personal fitness trainer will only increase with time because of the adaptability of decent lifestyles by people around the globe.

Make up to £30,000 per annum with your personal fitness trainer job

Most of the gym owners today started off with the personal fitness trainer courses and now are successfully growing their business each day. The career prospects of this industry are incomparable.

Course Funding & Loan Options

We have designed our courses so that we can cater all sorts of people including the ones that can’t afford the finances required. We have given our students the option of 0% interest rate on loans so that they can start repaying once they have a reasonable job.

  • Why Train with us

    Why Train with us

    We train you according to your endurance and strength of learning new things.

  • Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    We hold ourselves responsible in getting you a beneficial and a rewarding job.

  • Your Financial Options

    Your Financial Options

    We have made things easier for you by eliminating the finances until you are done with your training.